frequently asked questions

  • How do I study?

    - We do one-on-one online lessons using application which support video-calling such as Skype, WeChat or QQ. During the lessons, teachers use only the language you are learning. A single class lasts for 25 minutes.

  • How will I understand the teacher if he doesn't speak my native language?

    - Our teachers use the language depending on your level. Therefore, if you are at the "zero" level, the teacher will limit himself to several phrases or words in the first lesson and will increase the complexity of the language structures as you learn. Also, you will see visual materials which the teacher will send you digitally in the form of cards, PPT presentations or PDF files that will help you to understand the taught curriculum. This method of learning is beneficial because you will improve your confidence and learn how to use the language skillfully to find answers to your questions.

  • How many times per week can I have my lessons?

    - The timetable for your language course can be adjusted and planned according to your schedule and your most convenient time. You can study every day and for several hours a day if you need it. You can always take a day off if you inform your teacher in advance.

  • Will I have a permanent teacher?

    - You will be able to engage with the same teacher, previously agreed on your training schedule. Also, you can study with several teachers at the same time or change the teacher if you want to.

  • How do I know my level?

    - We ask about your language level only because of the teacher who needs this information to prepare for the first trial lesson. If it is crucial for you to know what level you have in English or Chinese, you can ask our instructor about it, and during the first lesson, the teacher will check your level of language knowledge in the form of oral or written test for free.

  • At what age can my child start online lessons?

    - Our teachers have experience of teaching children from the age of 4. In such a case, parents observe the class and help their child to participate.

  • 25 minutes - isn't it too short?

    - We decided to have 25 lessons as the minimum for a single class. Such lessons are suitable for children with an elementary  English level. However, a 25-minute lesson is not a requirement. You can negotiate for 2, 3 or 4 lessons in a row and engage in classes with a duration of 50, 75 or 100 minutes respectively.

  • I don't have Skype, can I do it through another program or application?

    - We will satisfy your needs as much as we can taking into consideration all your desires regarding the tools for communication. We have experience in conducting lessons on WeChat, IMO, WhatsApp and QQ. However, we recommend that you get a Skype account and have your lessons using the computer version of the application. This type of communication has proved to be more effective and convenient in all respects.

  • What if I cancel or skip classes?

  • Can I do it on my phone or a tablet?

  • How can I pay for my lessons?

  • Is my teacher a native speaker?

  • Do you have a program or textbooks?


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